Monday, November 26, 2012

Hitting the Skate Scene Featuring Five Decrepit New Designs

What's New with Corpsehustler?

Working with Nailjar Records for our first five available designs:

Things have been going slowly, but the dream is still alive! Several months back we were contacted by Nailjar Records to see if we'd be willing to collaborate on some designs featuring their artists. Also to feature designs by the owner of the companies Skate-Grind band. 

This seemed like a natural match to me. Nailjar Records is also based in Wisconsin, and they are just getting started although they already have deals worked out with some awe inspiring artists. Would the artwork fit the Corpsehustler vision though? 

An obvious yes! Although were so excited to find the laundry list of amazing artists to do our original concepts, sometimes something amazing falls into your lap. This is really a great thing for Corpsehustler as it lets us showcase our vision and also get some decks available sooner so skaters can see just what kind of quality decks they are. 


If you go to the site and browse the deck details pages you will find paypal buttons to preorder each design in one of four different sizes. 7.75, 7.8, 8.0, and 8.25. Why preorder? This is the only time that we will offer a "Preorder". Were just getting our start and hope to reach 20 decks pre-ordered to match Nailjars order and get our start. You can help a Unique American Company get it's start. Not only are we an American Original our decks are made 100% in the USA. Once we have some sample decks to show off finding our initial investors will help us take off. This also helps us get decks in the hands of Sly, and Ethan our very first flow sponsored riders. For now the designs are only available in shortboard taper shape, but as soon as we can take off pool shapes, and longboards will follow. 

Decks Available at Corpsehustler and Nailjar Records: 

Cannibal Accident : Artwork by Olli Hihnala 

Corpsehustler Featuring : Cannibal Accident - Omnizombie  

Siftercide : 2 Designs featuring artwork by Karl Dahmer. The third design is the Siftercide Logo Deck.

Skateboarding, Music, and Art is a natural marriage:

One of the things that excites me personally about skateboarding and is one major reason for starting a new brand of skateboards is the way music (when you consider skate videos), art, and skateboarding have always fit together. I hope that the industry gives Corpsehustler a chance to show that it's decks can stand up to a beating so we can work more with the artists that have done the Nailjar Licensed designs and continue to sponsor young hopeful skateboarders.

What do you think of the designs? 

Please comment and let us know as well if your a brand loyal skateboarder, or you'd be willing to shop around and skate a deck with graphics you like. What is the biggest influence to you when you pick out a deck?

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