Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The quest for the perfect Skate Video Soundtrack: Extreme Music and Underground Album Reviews Vol. 1

Kataklysm - In the arms of devastation - 2006, Nuclear Blast    Kataklysm on Metal Storm

Listening to this cd my first time my first impression was that it had all the etchings of a death metal classic. Relentlessly heavy with some really nice original riffs that kept my head bobbing to the rhythm and looking forward to what heaviness each new song would bring.  Progressing through the tracks I dug the vocals on this entire album, there is alot of variety and range of vocal styles, as well as musical technicality wrapped into each song. It's no wonder why this band has been going strong with the Nuclear Blast label since the early nineties. 

They still bring some sick ass heavy music for mine ears to dine on, even though I haven't listened to a  release of theirs since "Mystical Gate of Reincarnation", of which I've owned since my late teens. This album makes me want to go back and catch up on all that I possibly missed with this loathsome foursome. They really keep their ground breaking old school sound and stay with the times as far as death metal goes on this one considering the release is almost seven years old. 

I give Kataklysm's "In the arms of devastation" 7 out of 10 Dead Hookers of those seven, six dead hookers come with a heating pad each, the seventh comes with a bottle of KY warming liquid. This album will be will be worked into my listening rotation heavily.

J.W. Hollibush

I am personally setting out to find a soundtrack to my upcoming skate videos featuring the best underground music I can find from many genre's. If you want to have your album reviewed you can send a disc to:

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I am also writing a screenplay to produce into a Goru Manga Anime Cartoon which will be interspersed in between skate footage on my skate videos. This will set Corpsehustler's videos apart to any others in the industry and hopefully help bring the love of skateboarding to a whole new audience! 

Skate and Enjoy!!!

Shout Out to Sly Sullivan! Corpsehustler's very first flow rider!

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