Saturday, July 14, 2012

8 Year old skater Lawrence Has his new complete skateboard...

Update as of July 19th 2012:I finally broke down and ordered a set of hardware for the steazy lil lawrence, my supergrommet! Yesterday evening I helped him and about four or five of his friends set up the complete skateboard. I personally love to set up skateboards and also the feeling of riding a brand new deck is phenomenal!
Lawrence's reaction was "This must be my luckiest day!" Also when he was alone with me on the stoop of my apartment building he said " I really appreciate you getting me a skateboard." The look on his face the first time he test rode it was priceless.
His setup is now as follows. A corpsehustler blank 7.75 inch Necro-pop concave shortboard taper deck. 52mm blank black wheels which are the same I ride. Havoc 5.0 trucks in silver, and black. Black Diamond Grip tape. TGM mounting hardware. Bullseye Abec 9 bearings. It looked so sweet, and he was so wound up when he rode it that he could barely land an ollie.
I didn't do it for any selfish reason other than I love to share skateboarding. I also live in a low income neighborhood in Madison Wisconsin.
When he comes back to borrow a deck for his buddies I'll be sure to make a video of him skating his brand new board and post it here. Stay tuned!

To the few haters on who think I am trying to grow too big too fast... I ask you this, why the hell would you bother being negative and shitting on anyones dreams? I made a post in r/skateboarding introducing my first graphic and the usual reddit dickweeds appeared in full force to downvote and downtrod as they usually do. There must be plenty more who liked what they saw or didn't say anything at all like normal nice human beings do because my website had over 200 unique visitors from Reddit alone. Haters are going to hate, and growing a thick skin is part of starting any business. There will be critics, and naysayers. I urge everyone to follow your dreams and disregard these keyboard critics that spend their precious time trolling everything they don't agree with instead of concentrating on what enhances their own life. I started this project to make a difference in the world one skater at a time and if I fail from here on out at least I helped lil Lawrence get his own skateboard. I don't think the boy has had anything brand new in his entire life. Thanks to any of you who may have even considered helping out. I still need to make sure he gets safety gear, but at least he's riding.

Check out my first own original skateboard graphic here!

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