Tuesday, July 10, 2012

R.I.P. Dennis Flemion of the Frogs

I am a long time Frogs Fanatic, and have even been on stage when they Played in Madison WI at Mother Fools Coffee House to sing "Hot Cock Annie". I have just recieved the worst News.

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I hope somehow that Jimmy keeps playing. I would even be able to learn some of their songs on drums and do a memorial show with him. Best wishes to the family, and know that Dennis will never be forgotten. Some time in the future The Frogs will be recognized for the Genius that they are.
My Kindle Ebook on Amazon.com has titles to the stories that were borrowed from Frogs Lyrics. If my book ever sells more than one copy I will send Jimmy money. Thank you Dennis for all the smile's you brought me.
J.W. Hollibush

"La da da dee la da da da lada da dum dum. Playing with my daffodil in the snow, wouldn't ya know it... ...here comes a bum. Wanting more than a daffodil to play with..."

Time to quit my job and have a Frogs Revival...

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